Our Children And Their Fears

Children are something that have always been near to my heart. I love teaching children new things. It gives my heart so much joy because I love to see their eyes light up when they finally grasp the concept of something. Or how glossy and wide their eyes get with excitement when they learn something new and cool. I love to see them challenge themselves and set goals for themselves.

But in all my excitement for children my heart aches for them as well. Times have changed drastically and they have so much on their shoulders with all the new dangers that come about in this world everyday.

afraidWhen I was in school all we had were fire drills and tornado drills. (And no I’m not old lol). But now today kids have tornado drills, fire drills, intruder drills, gun threats, code yellow, red and blue. I mean the list is endless. I don’t know what we as a society can do to change this because people are bound to do crazy things all the time. But just think about the mental disruption these things bring to our youth.

Last year my children encountered 3 gun threats at their school. One of which someone actually brought a gun to school at my son’s middle school. They captured the student peacefully with no one getting hurt. But it did something to my son. He was scared to go back to school for a while. He said that he just didn’t feel safe. I could understand that completely. So as his mom I assured him that he would be alright because we had prayed and God had covered him. My words, though reassuring he still felt as though I didn’t understand what he felt because I didn’t have to walk those same halls that he walked with the fear of the unknown. This was true but it was the best that I could offer him. Eventually over time he was alright but that fear is forever etched in his memory.

My daughters school practices their intruder alert drills frequently and she doesn’t like it at all. She says that she knows its for their own safety but just the thought of them having to do the drill because they know something CAN happen one day is unsettling enough for her. I can agree with this very much but again there is nothing that I can do to change this. I can only inform them of the importance and try to ease their mind.

Why does life have to be so difficult for our youth? They face situations many of us have never had to worry about or situations that many of us will never face. It is simply not fair. What happened to the days of leaving kids out of the bad stuff. Protecting their innocence.

Are you as hurt as I am for our youth? There has to be a better future for them.



One thought on “Our Children And Their Fears

  1. This was a well-written post on a very timely topic. You made it personal (that means more interesting) by telling the story about your children’s schools. You are on the right track. Keep reaching out to the blogging community, and you will get followers.


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